Custom Glitter

Need a color you don't see here?
We can make it for you!
Custom Glitter Blends Now Available!
Whether it's matching a your school colors, you're wedding colors or just something your collection is missing- we can curate the perfect shade of whatever color you are looking for. 
Custom colors include:
-1:1 consultation with Kara to discuss the exact shade, size blend, etc. that you are looking for. 
-Three to five color samples made up for your review
-Additional tweaking of your selected color until it is perfect!
-Shipped to you in a reusable bottle
2oz- $14
4oz- $24
8oz- $80
$10 for each additional oz
Please allow at least 1 week for custom colors to be made. Depending on what you are looking for, additional colors may need to be ordered which can result in longer processing times. 
Contact Us to get started on your custom color.